Ashlie + Nicole | Newport Engagement, Warwick Wedding | Love Everywhere

Well. It’s February of 2021 and I am sitting here at my computer, trying to think of a clever way to explain why I didn’t blog ANY of my weddings from 2020, and I truly can’t think of any plausible reason other than 2020 WAS VERY, VERY BAD. That’s it. That’s my reasoning.

In the midst of all of the bad, however, were some pretty special moments that would not have occurred if not for the incredible tenacity and patience of my BOMB clients. A small handful of them decided that Covid could go take a long walk off a short pier, and they just rolled with the new restrictions and had their weddings anyway. I’m going to share these fabulous couples with you, and I’m kicking it off with Ashlie and Nicole, who, no joke, made me laugh through my corona-hating tears.


I’m combining their post into two sections, the first of which was their engagement session in Newport, RI. We started things out over on The Cliff Walk (which is where they got engaged), and we lucked out with some amazing spring weather. Nicole and Ashlie need no prompting to show their affection for each other, and all I had to do was stand back and take it all in.



When we shot their engagement, they still had their original wedding plans in place — it wasn’t until a month or two later that they made the pivot to a micro-ceremony, held in their own beautifully tended back yard. These resourceful women built a trellis, grew gorgeous perennials, and hosted their local friends and family for an informal but incredibly special wedding. Nicole’s family is from California and wasn’t able to attend, but they hung out over Zoom and got to see the whole thing, and Ashlie’s mom walked them both down the aisle. Nicole did Ashlie’s hair, they got dressed together in their bedroom, and they tidied up the kitchen together prior to the ceremony. What an absolute treat it was to be there and to share this day with them. Much laughter, heartfelt toasts, playtime with Josie the dog, and the BEST confetti cake I have ever tasted. I am hoping that Nicole and Ashlie will be able to celebrate with a bigger group this summer, but even if they don’t, the love that was present on this day will surely carry them through. Love wins!!!

I love love love that former wedding clients Anna and Wes (and their sweet boy Max) were there to celebrate!