Kayla + Dave | Cohasset Wedding

They say it takes a village, and for Kayla and Dave, whose long-thought-out wedding plans took a nosedive last spring, it really did take the tremendous heart of the village I’m proud to call my home to get them back on track.

After Covid punched us all in the gut, Kayla and Dave began to rethink how they wanted the day they’d been planning to look. Since they weren’t able to use their venue, and they weren’t sure they’d be able to fit in anyone’s backyard, they found themselves without a location that would give them the beautiful and emotional setting that they had been looking forward to (these two love the ocean, as evidenced by their engagement session in 2019). That’s when the tremendous generosity of my community came in. I reached out to a few of my friends who had space in their yards for a socially-distanced ceremony, and wow did they come through. Kayla and Dave exchanged vows on a deck overlooking the ocean, surrounded by the people (and dog!) they care about most, and then took some time for portraits across town on a private dock where they could dance and snuggle and soak in the sunshine and love. I will be forever grateful to those friends who shared their spaces for my clients that day, and I will forever believe in the power of kindness.

Kayla and Dave, I know it looked different that what you originally planned, but I think we pulled off something incredibly special. I was honored to be there to share your day xo.