Thank You, 2020 version.

My very woke 17-year old told me that no one would sit and watch a 6-minute-long video, but since we are somewhat snowed in today, I thought maybe people are just chill enough to be able to check out the annual LGP End of Year slideshow! I considered just making a 6-minute video of a dumpster fire, but the truth is, I really do want to thank the people in this video. They are the main reason I was able to get through this very long, very strange season. I haven’t been blogging at all this year, but I still want to show how important this work is to me.

It’s been a different year, that’s for sure. My heart went out, and still hurts, for all of the couples who had carefully planned their weddings and had to scramble to make other plans. Some of my couples went ahead and held smaller, more intimate ceremonies, while some opted to hold off until the pandemic is over so that they can have all of their family and friends there to celebrate with them. I feel honored to still be working with these wonderful clients and I’m grateful for the simple moments of love that I was able to capture with them in these socially-distanced events. Love was not cancelled.

Families spent a lot of time together this year, and it was so great to get out there in the sun with them to run around and play. Thank you to all of the families who found their smiles and their joy while they were shooting with me — and an especially big virtual hug to all of the families who participated in The Front Steps Project. You helped me to raise over $16,000 for five local restaurants, and you inspired a book!

Class of 2021 seniors — you showed up with your heads held high and inspired me SO much. I’ve known so many of you since you were toddlers, and to see you as the beautiful, smart, and resilient young adults that you are was simply the best thing that happened to me this year. Having Calder be a part of this class makes me incredibly proud. I have no doubt that despite the limitations you all had to deal with in this very important year of high school, you will all kick some serious butt out in the world. I am honored beyond words to have been able to photograph you at this special time.

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As always, I recommend that you watch this chronologically-arranged video with the sound up and on a big screen — these smiling faces will hopefully bring you as much joy as they brought me. If you are in this year’s video, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. If you would like to be in next year’s video, please feel free to reach out! I wish everyone a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season!

Lisa Gilbert Photography End of Year 2020 from Lisa Gilbert on Vimeo.