Surprise Boston Harbor Proposal — Mark + Autumn

Last week I got a call from Mark; he was launching his boat that Friday and was planning to propose to his girlfriend Autumn out in Boston Harbor. Would I be interested in shooting the proposal, and then perhaps going for a spin around the harbor with them?

Say what now? Would I be INTERESTED?

As if this wasn’t the most awesome scenario already, Mark then informed me that his french bulldog Majik would be the one presenting the ring to Autumn. I may have made the Squeeeeeeeeeee!! heard ’round the world. Mark and I texted back and forth a few times to make the plan, and his enthusiastic emoji use was a clear giveaway that this was going to be the best day ever. I arrived at the dock at Pier 6 in Charlestown in the blazing sun and proceeded to faux-shoot with my friend Melissa so that Autumn wouldn’t be suspicious. Once the M/Y Breezy (named for Mark’s nickname for Autumn) came around the corner, however, we didn’t need our cover — Mark and Autumn were completely in their own bubble of joy. Mark got down on one knee on the swim platform and those of us up on the pier could actually hear Autumn happy-scream. Melissa and I may have even wiped away a few tears. Autumn said yes, and for the next few hours, Captain Mark and his beautiful fiancé took us on a perfect summer evening tour of Boston Harbor.

Autumn swears that she had no idea, and that makes me so happy because her reaction was so real. Neither of them stopped smiling for even a minute, and they FaceTimed their families to share the news which was a hoot to watch. These two are clearly perfectly suited for each other, as they both agreed that Majik was really the star of the show (you can guess whether or not I might have taken a few shots of him, duh…). They made us feel completely welcome, despite it being the moments directly after they got engaged, but it was if we were old friends and I feel incredibly honored to have been able to share this incredible day with them. Enjoy the shots below — hopefully this won’t be their only appearance on the blog!

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