Cohasset Golf Club Wedding — Kaitlin + Matt

I am so excited to share these photos today…Kaitlin and Matt’s wedding last week was SO beautiful. I knew it was going to be a breeze to photograph them as their engagement session was fantastic and they know exactly how to smolder for the camera 🙂 Kaitlin is lovely and sweet and always smiling, and the way that Matt looks at her just takes my breath away. Theirs is the kind of love that everyone should have.

The day started at the Nantucket Beach Resort where the bride and groom got ready in adjoining rooms so that their sweet son Dominic could visit back and forth between them. Dominic was really the star of the morning, and you could hear all of the hearts melting as soon as he put his little suit on. Watching him cling to his mom right before she left for the ceremony was one of my favorite moments of the day.

The fog that had been with us all morning lifted as soon as the couple arrived at the Cohasset Golf Club and their ceremony was beautiful. I always tell my clients that the best thing they can do on a wedding day is shed some tears, and pretty much everyone obliged — this was definitely a cry fest! Happy photographers 🙂 I had fun taking all of the family portraits as well, since Matt is the sister of one of my former brides, and both sides of the family are really just so sweet and overjoyed for this couple.

A big thank you to Jessica for coming along to help out, and my warmest wishes to Kaitlin and Matt for a lifetime of joy with their precious Dominic. Happy love!!

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