The return of Tyler — Boston family photographer

I’m always a little sad when I finish a First Year project with one of my babies. I’m never sure when I’m going to see them again, and if I do, if they’ll even remember me. When Tyler’s mom called me after his second birthday to ask me to come and take his photos again, I was elated. When he jumped right into the shoot as if not a single day had gone by, I had to do a little dance of happiness. Tyler is all blue eyes and rosy lips and enormous fun. We met out at Castle Island and watched the planes fly overhead.

Very curious about my camera!

Krista + Ryan + Tyler = familyrific!

I love these two. He just looks so little…

I think two is the last age you can get a boy to pose in flowers — doesn’t he look so adorable?

Another favorite:

A huge thank you to Krista, Rayan, and Tyler for meeting me so early in the morning on such a sweltering day — it was completely worth it to see my little buddy again. He’s truly a joy to be around, and I hope I’ll get to see you all again soon!

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