Thank you 2023.

As I always do on the day I post my End-Of-Year slideshow, I struggle with how to even begin to say thank you to all of the people who have chosen to work with me to capture their lives in the past 12 months. 2023 has been a difficult year for so many, yet I continue to be encouraged about this beautiful life we live; the smiling faces of these families, these couples, these wonderful high school seniors give me so much to hope for. A friend who works in pharma once compared his often-stressful job to mine: “you get to be around people when they’re so happy!” He’s right, and I am ever so grateful for that.

So thank you. Thank you to the families young and old who allowed me to be a part of their circus for a day. Thank you to the businesses that trusted me with capturing the essence of what makes them tick. Thank you to the high school seniors who had faith that I would make them look good in the least amount of time possible. Thank you to my talented colleagues who brought me along to second shoot for them. And thank you to the beautiful couples who let me into their lives and their hearts so that I could show everyone what their love truly feels like.

If you were a part of this year’s slideshow, I appreciate you so much. If you’d like to be part of next year’s please get in touch!

I wish all of you a safe, peaceful, and bright holiday filled with joy.