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I donโ€™t usually post quite so many images from a family session, but in this case I am going all out because I just couldnโ€™t decide which were my favorites! I hope you love them all.

I first met Janet, Peter, and their boys two years ago when I took their photos right after twins Dean and Lou turned two. This wonderful family lives right on the beach, so it was a no-brainer that we would shoot their session on the rocks and sand that make up their back yard. Dean and Lou have a whole routine going with their shovels and their pails and their quest for periwinkles, so all I needed to do was stand back and let them do exactly what they always do. Lou is in constant motion; he spent most of the session scrambling over the seawall rocks and throwing stones into the water. When I did get him to look at the camera, I had to be quick, as there was definitely something better to do. Dean, however, had no problem hamming it up for me, throwing his head back in laughter whenever I focused on him. We talked about their favorite superheroes, what they liked to do at school, and the difference between an excavator and a backhoe. Typical kid stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

This family inspires me in so many ways. Dean is currently waiting to undergo his second heart transplant and he has been in out of the hospital for his whole life, but youโ€™d barely know it from his sunny attitude. Janet and Peter are incredible parents. Their patience and love for these two boys comes off of them in waves; Dean still has trouble walking for any great distance, so mom and dad are always there to help with an outstretched hand or an encouraging word. Lou stops whatever heโ€™s doing to hand his brother a rock to throw, or to just hold his hand to keep him steady. Whether they are building sandcastles or searching for seaglass, itโ€™s a full family project, and more than once during this session I had to wipe away tears of happiness at how lucky I am to know them. As we were walking back up to the house near the end of the evening, I asked Janet how much the boys understood about Deanโ€™s condition and the future โ€” she turned to Lou and said โ€œwhat do we want to get for Dean?โ€ With a big smile, Lou responded โ€œa Superhero Heart.โ€


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