South Shore Engagement Photographer | Kaitlin + Matt


Good morning! I’m trying desperately to catch up on blogging — I started the year out strong, but the string of back-to-back weddings, family sessions, and senior portraits I’ve had in the past few weeks has slowed things down a bit. Plus, I’m in the middle of a giant home improvement project in the form of doing at least 100 loads of laundry. Now that Calder is 13, if he so much as touches an item of clothing, even if he doesn’t wear it, it instantly goes into the hamper and is evidently toxic until it’s been through the wash. I do not understand this phenomenon, but until I am out from under the piles, I don’t have time to Google it. Thankfully it’s raining for a change so I can get something done today. Including posting these two gorgeous people!

Even though it’s not until next spring, I am so looking forward to photographing Kaitlin and Matt’s wedding — they are SO much fun, which you can tell by the fact that Kaitlin is laughing in almost every single one of these pictures. I first met these two when I photographed Matt’s sister Rachel’s wedding last summer. Kaitlin and Matt’s son Dominic was the ring bearer, and I might have taken as many photos of him as I did of the bride and groom. Dominic came along for the beginning of this engagement session as well, and I swear he is the happiest kid EVER. All smiles and running around (check out the T-shirt he’s wearing — it’s how Matt proposed to Kaitlin!). We spent some time with him, then left him with Grandma so that we could go down to the beach for some couple-only shots. Kaitlin is an absolute goddess and the camera loves her (as does Matt; when I asked him at one point if he was getting camera-weary, he said “nope — it’s making her happy, which makes me happy.”), and we were rewarded with some amazing light as the sun was setting.



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