Rachel + Zach — Nantasket Beach Resort Hull Wedding Photographer


All over town today, cheers are going up from harried parents as we usher our kids out the door for their first day of school, and a return to some kind of normal routine for us. This really seemed like the shortest summer ever; as I was dropping Calder off this morning, he commented that he felt like it was only last week that he finished the school year. He’s right — summer is fleeting. I’m happy to report, however, that in the three hours that he’s been gone, not one single person has asked me what there is to eat, if they can buy an app, where their beach towel is, or would I please kill the spider in their shower.

Peaceful ;).

So peaceful, in fact, that I was able to get Rachel and Zach’s blog post ready so you all can see what a super day we had for their wedding. I love these two, particularly because they are always laughing — never a dull moment. We did their engagement shoot a few months ago and they were both thinking that they might be a little nervous in front of the camera, but basically all I have to do is make either of them (particularly Rachel) laugh, and we’re off!

Their wedding day, like so many this summer, had threats of rain, so we spent some of the morning checking our various devices to see if we were going to need to come up with a Plan B, but no rain ever arrived. As a matter of fact, that wonderful cloud cover acted as a giant softbox for Rachel and Zach’s First Look up at Fort Revere, which is about a two minute walk from Rachel’s mom’s house, which is where the girls got ready. Their First Look was so lovely, and Zach delivered for the photographers by tearing up when he saw his beautiful bride. Rachel is one of five kids, all of whom were in the wedding party, so family formals were a snap and we had some time to take the couple down to a nearby beach for more photos. While we were there, a woman came running out of her house, yelling to us that she had been “working on her garden all summer and now I finally have a reason to show it off!” She invited us up into her yard which has a wonderful view of Boston Light, and we were able to get some great photos amongst her flowers. On the way back to the car, we spied a giant willow tree and invited ourselves into that yard for more photos. It was definitely a neighborhood effort! A big thanks to Jen for coming along and shooting with me. We had ourselves a good laugh about the unexpected locations.

After a sweet ceremony at St. Paul’s in Hingham, it was back to the Nantucket Beach Resort for celebration with family and friends. Rachel and Zach were such good sports for me, letting me drag them up on the roof and out on the beach when the sun finally made an appearance (about seven minutes before it made a disappearance. I made them RUN.) Everyone was wonderful and had a great time, and I think the photos show just how happy this day was.

Rachel and Zach, I am so glad that I know you and that I was allowed to be a part of this awesome day. I wish you all the happiness in the world! xox Lisa

Hair // Liz Blais for Kris Pavao
Floral // Myriah Manley for Whole Foods
Venue // Nantasket Beach Resort
Cake // Veronica’s Sweetcakes
DJ // Good Times Unlimited



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