Kylie and Julian are engaged! — south shore engagement photographer

I know, seems like I’ve been gone forever, right? Re-entry from vacation was brutal for many reasons, not the least of which was the fact that the only thing on my schedule the week I got back was an appointment with my dentist to have THREE cavities filled. The day after Easter, which: COME ON. I don’t think I fooled any of the kind folks at Cohasset Dental. And happy day, I get to go back again in a month to have two more done! It seems as if all the silver from my early years has reached its shelf life and is merrily vacating my molars. Thanks again, 40s.

All of that nonsense went away last night when I get together with Kylie and Julian to shoot their engagement photos. I have known Kylie since she was an ultrasound photo — her mom Diane is one of my oldest and greatest friends; Kylie was my first baby-of-friend and I recall meeting her twenty-three years ago, for the first time, in her grandparent’s living room. She was sitting on Diane’s lap and gazing around the room with these amazing eyes and just taking it all in. She fascinated and terrified me at the same time — I knew nothing of babies and here was my very brave friend and her gorgeous daughter. It kind of changed everything. Now that beautiful little baby is a legit grownup with those same amazing eyes and a personality so like her mom’s that I kind of felt like I was back in junior high again, laughing with Diane over everything. Minus the mullets and Fair Aisle sweaters. Kylie’s fiancé Julian might just be the nicest and most chivalrous person I have ever met; he clearly learned his manners well and his respect for Kylie and her family is tremendous. I got a little teary just watching them, so obviously in love, but also in LIKE — I’ve never seen two people laugh as much as they did.

Kylie and Julian are getting married in Aruba, so they wanted to showcase their love for the beach. We met in Duxbury and the weather was very cooperative.

Seriously? How adorable are they?

I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed as much on a shoot.

Both of them were willing to do anything I requested, which made for some really fun shots.

Hello handsome.

See? I told you about the eyes.

I won’t be shooting the ceremony in Aruba (I know, right?), but I will be capturing the big reception Kylie and Julian are having at the end of June with all of their friends and family, and I can’t wait. Diane and Tom, you’ve raised a beautiful and smart woman and I am so blessed to know all of you and to have been able to watch her grow. Kylie and Julian, thank you for a really fun afternoon. xoxoxox.

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