Kelly + Dana — Green Harbor Marshfield Engagement Session


I am so excited to share these engagement photos with you! Kelly is another one of my wonderful Talbots brides (keep ’em coming!) and when I first met her at my house for a consultation, I served her a nice glass of wine, as I always do, so that we could chat. Three hours later we had gone through that bottle and half of another and were pretty much BFFs for the afternoon. Her fiancé Dana is just as awesome. He’s a Marshfield fireman and also goes out lobstering with his dad on his super cool boat, the Daystar, which is where we started our engagement shoot last week.

Kelly and Dana asked if they could bring their dog Neely (duh) and for the first half of the session, I think Neely might have thought it was all about him. He was SO well behaved, but I had to laugh as each time I would ask Kelly and Dana to do something while they were standing on the bow of the boat, Neely would howl and jump up on the side to try to photobomb. It was pretty awesome. Dana’s dad rowed me around the harbor in a skiff so I could shoot from all angles, and Neely would just race around to the side of the boat that I was on and stick his snout in the air. He knew where the camera was 😉

After we left the harbor, we headed down to the beach to catch the end of the evening light and I have to say that this night may have been one of the most perfect photographic environments I have seen in a long while. The sky was like a painting, Kelly and Dana were amazing to work with, and the combination of her dress and the light and the color of the water and the rocks and the gorgeous blue eyes on both Kelly and Dana; it was simply heaven. These two laugh a LOT, so I took advantage and just kept acting like a big goof so that I could really pull all of that authentic happiness out of them. I love that Kelly was totally game for heading into the water at the end of the session, and I think it was a most excellent way to end this stunning evening. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Kelly and Dana, I am so excited to be working with you and I can’t wait for your wedding! xoxox















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