Kathryn and Greg are married!

It may have been cold outside, but this amazing couple was on FIRE all day. I’d never shot a winter wedding before, but I think Kathryn and Greg knew what they were doing when they scheduled their wedding for the shortest day (and the longest night!) of the year. The great blizzard of ’09 held off long enough to keep everyone dry and safe, and it was a wonderful evening.

We began at the bride’s parent’s house, where everything was decorated for the holidays. Kathryn and her two best friends kept us laughing while they got ready:
doubleK&G wedding card 1_0270doubledressK&G wedding card 1_0141

Bob’s done this before. Nothing to do but wait on the women:
K&G wedding card 1_0316

The bride’s nieces were flower girls:
K&G wedding card 1_0214K&G wedding card 1_0262K&G wedding card 1_0514
K&G wedding card 1_0326K&G wedding card 1_0341K&G wedding card 1_0345K&G wedding card 1_0354

We braced ourselves for some outdoor shots. Everyone was very brave as it was like a million below zero.
K&G wedding card 1_0459K&G wedding card 1_0482K&G wedding card 1_0491K&G wedding card 1_0543

Final touches before we left for the church:
K&G wedding card 1_0175doublepinK&G wedding card 1_0563K&G wedding card 1_0583

Kathryn and Greg were married at St. Anthony’s in Cohasset. I wasn’t allowed back in the sacristy where Greg and his twin brother Jeff were waiting, but I managed to sneak a shot:
K&G card 2_0010

I love when the bride arrives. People were driving by and honking…

Check out these cuties:
K&G card 2_0114K&G card 2_0113kathdadK&G card 2_0235K&G card 2_0254K&G card 2_0349

I love this one:
K&G card 2_0327BK&G card 2_0393B

Another sneaky shot:
K&G card 2_0466K&G card 2_0321K&G card 2_0484

doublekissK&G card 2_0535K&G card 2_0642K&G card 2_0647

Then we were off to the Red Lion Inn right down the street in Cohasset for the reception in their antique barn. It was so beautiful:
K&G wedding card 3_0542K&G wedding card 3_0022K&G wedding card 3_0052B

Of course, so were Greg and Kathryn. At one point, I asked Greg if he was having a good time (duh), and he told me that he had never felt such joy in all of his life. How’s that for melting your heart? It was so evident in the way that they looked at each other:
K&G wedding card 3_0106K&G wedding card 3_0664

Isn’t Kathryn gorgeous?
K&G wedding card 3_0375K&G wedding card 3_0812K&G wedding card 3_0381B

Kathryn and Greg, I am so grateful to have been a part of your day. You are such a fun and caring couple, and I wish you all the happiness in the world! xoxo.
K&G Wedding card 5_0394BW

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