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A big thank you to Wendy for penning this great reminder to couples to BREATHE!


A wedding day is one of those rare life events that you can’t do over. If you don’t enjoy yourself because the stress level is too high, you don’t get to ask all of your friends and family to come back the next day and try again. It’s important, then, to do all that you can to prevent wedding day stress through great planning and great choices.

Before the wedding
Pamper yourselves. Have a couples massage. Have regular pre-wedding date nights where you agree not to talk about the wedding or anything stressful – just enjoy each other and preserve your sanity. Enough stress will find you no matter how well you plan, so purposefully enjoy the moments without it whenever you can.
Take care of important details early. Make sure all of your attendants try on their royal blue bridesmaid dresses well in advance and have alterations made if necessary. Have your male attendants actually try on their formalwear on delivery, not after they leave the rental store, and with enough notice that the clerks can fix any problems that arise. Make sure you have all of the pieces of your own wardrobe as well – do it in advance and then check it off your list so you don’t have to worry about it at the wedding.
Create a timeline. No one action can better assure you peace of mind on your wedding day than creating a comprehensive timeline for your vendors, and a version for your wedding party. Your master timeline should be where you enter every single detail of your agreements with your vendors. List their contact information, their arrival and setup times, power requirements, agreed deliverables, pick up information – if it was part of your agreement, short of the actual financial details, it should be recorded on your timeline. Make sure the document is organized and easy to reference as it should be the “script” that all follow on the wedding day. Send it to your vendors in advance and ask for their feedback, as any differences between your information and theirs need to be resolved before the wedding. Give a copy to the person you have delegated as your voice for the day.
The wedding party version of your timeline doesn’t need to be nearly as detailed as the one for the vendors. Include just the details that your bridesmaids, groomsmen and child attendants will need – arrival times, expectations (for example, where they should put on their royal blue bridesmaid dresses and a confirmation of any hair and makeup appointments you might be providing).

At the wedding
Designate someone to act as your contact on the wedding day. Speaking of your voice, choose someone you trust to answer vendor and guest questions for you. It’s highly stressful to be the center of attention and the point person for the event. You could be approached with literally hundreds of questions if you don’t choose someone to act in your place. You can have a frank conversation with your designee so he or she knows when to make decisions and when to approach you – but you should attempt to choose someone who you trust implicitly so you can avoid entanglement in anything stressful if at all possible.
The most important way to avoid stress on the wedding day is to simply dedicate yourselves to having a no-stress attitude. Don’t let little things get to you, and predict that things will not go perfectly. Enjoy them anyway. The emotion you wear on your faces will prescribe your guests’ feelings all day, so be happy!

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