Fun Frenchie Family! | Majik, Louie, Coco, Mark, and Autumn

Oh hai.

This is Coco. She’d like you to know that she recently moved to a new house with her two frenchie doggo siblings, Louie and Majik, and her two humans, Mark and Autumn. She also wants you to know that she’s fabulous.

I knew that Mark and Autumn were frenchie crazy when their sweet Majik almost stole the show during their surprise proposal shoot, and then had his own tuxedo for their Nantucket wedding last fall. I’m always overjoyed when my couples call me to shoot the new additions to their family, but never more so than when those additions are the four-legged variety. Mark and Autumn recently moved into a beautiful new home attached to an antique barn, and it was such a treat to see the whole family settling into their new digs. Majik is especially fond of the big back yard where he is teaching his puppies to run and play, and they all had fun exploring the old barn. Louie does anything Majik does (check out the singing), and Coco is content to pose for the camera and be beautiful. Autumn and Mark are as gracious and wonderful as ever, and I couldn’t be happier to share these pictures with you all!


Hanging out on an old horse-drawn carriage that was in the barn.


Majik sings…


…Louie sings.


Majik looking so regal in one of the old livestock stalls.


There was a tiny bit of rain. Doggos stay dry.


I absolutely adore these two and love how they make each other laugh.

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