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I am so excited to show you photos of Erin and Tim’s wedding. Not just because Erin and Tim are awesome and gorgeous and two of the nicest people on earth, but also because I am so very excited to actually HAVE photos to show you of this wedding. One of the first things you learn as a wedding photographer is to ALWAYS have back up gear in the event that something happens to your main camera. Backup cards, backup flash; basically, adopt the Boy Scout motto, and if something does go wrong, keep your cool and adapt. There’s no do-over in a wedding. Especially when it’s barely 25 degrees and the bride is in a strapless dress!

Erin and Tim met on the town Common to do their First Look, and everything went wonderfully for that. I finished shooting and went to swap out my card to do the family portraits. ERROR. Tried another card. ERROR. All seven cards in my bag flashed ERROR as soon as I put them into the camera. (if you’re a photographer and you’re reading this, you know the feeling that crept into my belly at that point…) Luckily, I had Jessica Rich along with me to second-shoot, and she deftly took over arranging the family portraits while I jogged over to my car to retrieve my back-up camera (HELLO, PREPARED!). New camera, same message. New cards, same message. There I was, standing with an entire wedding party including kids and parents, in the freezing cold, and I had NO WAY TO SHOOT ANY PHOTOS and we were losing the light. I vamped like an idiot for a few seconds while I fumbled for my cell phone — initially I was going to Google “frozen CF cards, what do I do?” but then I remembered that there’s a superhero living right here in my little town, and so I punched in the secret code for rescue and the amazing Bob Pattison arrived at the location with another camera and new (warm) cards in less than 10 minutes. Tim, Erin, and their families hopefully didn’t really know what was going on (Erin told me later she suspected something had happened — to her credit, she kept cool and kept smiling for my assistant!), but I had about 27 little heart attacks until I heard that shutter click again. All’s well that ends well, but it was a great lesson in making sure that even your backups have backups. I am so grateful for the group of photographers that I work with and call my friends — I know that any one of them would have come to my rescue that day. The crisis lasted less than 15 minutes, but without the help of Jessica and Bob, I would have been shooting the wedding with my iPhone.

(just kidding Erin 😉

Ok, enough of my sob story, let’s look at some photos!


I love when couples do a First Look. Tim’s reaction at seeing Erin in her AMAZING dress was worth standing out in the cold.

Some quick shots of everyone before we headed off to get warm!


We had made arrangements with Mr. Dooley’s to come in and do some shots (and some shots!) — I think everyone was very happy at the chance to warm up.

A small break, then off to the ceremony! Even though Tim had already seen Erin, the look on his face when she came down the aisle with her father made me tear up a little. They are truly so in love with each other.

Since this was a New Year’s Eve wedding, I am going to post far more reception photos than I normally do, but I’m also doing it because this was one of the best receptions I have ever been to. The band was amazing, the crowd was thrilled to be there, and the dance floor was packed all night.


At one point, Jessica and I made Tim and Erin come outside onto the docks with us. I swear the tears froze in my eyes, but these guys were AWESOME and I love these shots.

More dancing, more celebrating, and a champagne toast at midnight. I got one more treat when my main squeeze Erik showed up to usher in the new year with me. He’s the best xoxoxoxox.

Erin and Tim, I wish you all the happiness in the world and I am so excited to see you around town when the weather is NORMAL. I feel incredibly blessed to have been a part of this super fun wedding, and I promise I will be keeping my CF cards stored in a warmer place from now on!

Venue | Atlantica

Flowers | Sue Chessia Floral Design

Hair | Tease

Makeup | Tryst

Dress | Lazaro, from Vows

Cake | Sandy Cove Wedding Cakes

Band | Kahootz

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