Engagement Sessions — Yes You Should!

“We are totally dorky in front of the camera.”
“I hate the way I look in photos.”
“I’m not sure what we would do with engagement photos.”

Nope, nope, nope. I won’t hear it. Everyone feels somewhat awkward having their photo taken from time to time, but let’s focus on how GOOD you look together. Here’s why I think engagement shoots can be one of the best parts of your relationship with your photographer.

You get a chance to see what it’s like to be in front of the camera (easier than you think!)

You’re going to feel like the Paparazzi have arrived on your wedding day — between your hired photographer, your uncle with his “fancy camera” and the sea of iPhones which will be pointed at you, you are going to see a lens at every turn. Working with me at your engagement shoot will help you to feel so much more relaxed; you’ll get your questions answered (where do I put my hands? which is my better side?) and you’ll learn that the best portraits come when you’re not worried about how you look and are just enjoying the moment. I approach our engagement shoot like we’re just meeting up for some fun — we take a walk, get a drink, play frisbee, go to the beach….whatever feels like YOU. All of my clients tell me that they are so surprised by how easy and fun their engagement shoots were.


You get to showcase your personalities!

On your wedding day, you’ll be dressed to the nines with fancy hair and makeup, which is awesome, but your engagement shoot gives you the opportunity to be a little more creative. Are you sports fans? Have your shoot on the football field at your alma mater! Do you love a night out in the city? Let’s hang out and photograph that energy! Warm, cozy winter weather more your style? I can break out the snow pants! Your engagement photos can reflect the very heart of you.



This is a biggie. While I do everything in my power to make the portrait portion of your wedding day go as smoothly as possible, there’s no avoiding the fact that there is a limit to the amount of time you want to be away from your guests. Engagement sessions can be scheduled to give us plenty of time to go to a few different locations, change outfits, take breaks for snacks (very important), and, in the cases of couples who want to incorporate children or pets into their session, it lets us relax and play for a while, making kids and animals a key element in part of the shoot, then focusing on just the two of you.


You get a chance to connect during the whirlwind of wedding planning

An opportunity for the two of you to focus on each other, on your connection, on what brought you together in the first place. Super important in the midst of seating arrangements…


It’s a great chance for me to get to see how you interact with each other

Are you big huggers? Do you crack each other up constantly? Do you smolder when you lock eyes, or are you more likely to tear up with joy? I think it’s so important for me to know these things before we head into your wedding — that way I can make the best pictures for YOU, for exactly the people that you are.


You are amazing and beautiful every single day. Not just on your wedding day.

We need to capture that.

Let’s chat about your engagement shoot — Give me a shout!

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