Did you get any happy on you? — Hingham family photographer

I honestly don’t think Evan has stopped smiling since he was born. Seriously. This is one gleeful kid. Evidence from the past twelve months:

Even though this was technically Evan’s last shoot, I’m hoping I’ll get to see more of him in the coming year — earlier this week, his mom Meg greeted me at the door of their beautiful new home with a decidedly bigger belly than she had the last time I saw her. New baby coming in June! Evan is going to be the best big brother.

Bella wanted in on those crackers. Evan was happy to share.

Gorgeous family.

Bella is very photogenic.

But even models need a quiet moment to reflect upon their beauty.

Outside to play down by the water.

I know it’s cliché, but Meg is legit glowing. You can tell Brian thinks so too…

My heartfelt thanks to this wonderful family for sharing Evan’s first year with me!

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