Big Ben in the Fall — Arnold Arboretum


This was my TWELFTH shoot with Krista and Ryan and their gorgeous kids. I started with Tyler when he was just a few months old, then spent a year with Brooke, and last week I met up with this family — one of my most loyal and very favorites — to take baby Ben’s photos for the final shoot in his First Year package. I told Krista that I had a dream about her being pregnant again; the look she gave me indicated that she wasn’t quite on board with that. Yet 😉

Check out Ben from the beginning here, here, and here. He’s such a big boy now, and so fun to be around! I love that he reached maximum drool status by the end of the afternoon.

As always, it was such a joy to see this gang running around being wonderful. Krista and Ryan, I am forever blessed to have been able to capture these precious moments with your kids. xoxoxox


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