All-Star Graeme — South Shore Family Photographer


I’m having myself a bit of a laugh this morning at the way New Englanders react to our weather. It’s been so nice the past few weeks; the leaves are changing and the air is crisp, but we’ve had lots of sun and temperatures in the high 50s and 60s. I love seeing all of the posts about how everyone is so happy because FALL is here! Whoo hoo! Pumpkin-spice! Boots! Scarves! We’ve had a good run of it, but there was a 30-second flurry yesterday and temperatures in the 30s this morning and now everyone has gone bonkers. I must have seen 25 status updates about snow yesterday, accompanying photos of NOT SNOW. This morning, I saw parents bundled in hats and gloves drop off their kids — who are still wearing shorts — at school. Online debates are raging about whether or not turning on the heat makes you a wimp.

I’m easily amused.

Graeme, on the other hand, is pure sunshine and happy warmth. He is GOING TO BE FOUR. He reminded me of this several times during our shoot, so I am making sure to pass that information along to you. I met up with Graeme and his parents Meaghan and Sean and we took a nice long walk together. Or, rather, the adults walked and Graeme ran. And danced. Constantly. All the while having a nice chat with us, himself, the birds, the squirrels, his shadow, random passers-by, etc. He is simply one of the most joyful kids I have ever had the honor to photograph, and the entire afternoon just left me beaming.

Check out all of the awesomeness, enjoy your pumpkin-whatever, and turn on the heat. It doesn’t make you a wimp, it just makes you warm!


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