About Me

Hi! I’m Lisa.

And I would really like to be your photographer!

I live in the seaside town of Cohasset, Massachusetts with my son Calder and our rescue mutt Jollie. We're beach bums here, big fans of sandy feet and salty hair. We eat a lot of tacos and ice cream and tomatoes and sushi. No mayonnaise, though. Yuck. 

I like living on the east coast (I was born here), but I have just enough California girl in me to hold out for constant sunshine. Along with an ever changing display of driftwood, rocks, and other ocean treasures, my house is filled with photos. And sand. And sometimes dog hair, but I got a new vacuum so check back about that. My studio (which is a fancy word for a teeny-tiny little room) has the sunny faces of the children and couples I’ve photographed all over the walls. I believe pictures keep us from ever being lonely.

Every day, I pay closer and closer attention to the authenticity — as well as the ephemerality — of moments. Everything changes. Everything keeps on changing. Faster than we can ever imagine. Capture those moments.

Let’s make some pictures together!

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